Eritrea mobilized its soldiers to create fear in Tigray

Activists and international officials said Eritrea had mobilized its armed forces and appeared to be looking to send them to Ethiopia to help the neighboring war in the Tigray region.

Britain and Canada issued travel advisories, asking their citizens in Eritrea to be vigilant. “This is just a tragic war, as our region has seen enough blood for generations,” said Meron Stephanos, an Eritrean human rights activist and director of the Eritrean Initiative. Refugee Rights. Eyewitnesses in Eritrea said people were being arrested across the country, including students and government employees.

War again

Tigray officials are now confirming that Eritreans are re-entering the war, which began in August after a lull in fighting earlier this year.

When the conflict erupted in November 2020, Eritrean troops fought alongside Ethiopian forces in the Battle of Tigray in Ethiopia’s Tigray region. It is estimated that the conflict has killed tens of thousands of people and left millions without basic services for more than a year. In Tigray, millions of residents are largely cut off from the world, with communication and banking services cut off, and restoring them is a key requirement of mediation efforts.

Compulsory service

Eritrea, one of the world’s most isolated countries, requires military service for all citizens between the ages of 18 and 40, and rights groups say the practice, which continues indefinitely in most cases, is driving thousands of young Eritreans into exile.

A large number of Eritreans are migrants, often attempting to cross dangerous seas to Europe.

Eritrean officials could not be reached for comment.

Eritrean Army:

Tigray officials now confirm that Eritreans are once again entering the war

The Eritrean army fought alongside the Ethiopian federal army in the Tigray region war

Eritrean forces engaged in some of the worst atrocities of the war.

These were the details of the news that Eritrea mobilized soldiers for the day and created fear in Tigray.

It is also worth noting that the original news has been published and is available on Al-Watan Online, and has been confirmed by the editorial team of Gulf 365 and may have been modified, and may have been completely transferred or quoted from. gone, and you can read and follow the developments from this main source of news.

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