“Disgusting”… US condemns security “harassment” of protesters in Iran

Thanks for reading and interest in the “disgusting” news… US condemns security forces’ “torture” of protesters in Iran and now with full details

ADEN – Yasmin Abdullah Al-Tohami – The United States condemns the regime’s continued crackdown on protesters in Iran, noting that some protesters have been sexually assaulted.

U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price said the use of sexual violence by security officials in Iran to quell protests further emboldened protesters, as it highlighted the government’s despicable actions to intimidate and quell protests.

In press statements published by the BBC’s Persian edition, Price pointed out that the United States continues to press ahead, noting that Iran’s leadership appears to be stopping at nothing to silence the voices of its critics and detractors of its policies. , through unilateral and multilateral measures and through the United Nations. The United States is holding those responsible for the brutal and violent repression of the Iranian people to account.

The US official saw recent reports of sexual assaults against protesters as a painful reminder of the dangers faced by the people of Iran.

And the American news channel “CNN” in an investigative report about “sexual abuse and rape” said that some detainees of recent protests were tortured in Iranian prisons and cited evidence provided by several released prisoners or hospital sources.

Some young women and girls have been reported to have been raped in prisons, and the aforementioned cases refer to this type of behavior in detention centers in Urmia, northwest Iran, and Karaj, south of Tehran.

Attacks happen in prisons

“Despite media restrictions, we were informed of 11 cases of sexual violence against protesters in Iranian prisons, and we were able to confirm almost half of them,” she added, noting that most of the rape and sexual assault cases were related to western Iran. and the Kurdish region, including detention centers in Urmia.

Earlier, video clips were posted on social networks showing Iranian security forces attacking female protesters.

The Iranian government, its leaders and officials described the protests as “unrest and riots” and accused foreign countries, including the United States, of supporting and mobilizing the protests, which Washington denied.

Since mid-September, protests and protests have erupted in Iran over the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, three days after she was arrested by the so-called “morality police” for not following strict rules. Dress

Dozens of people, including members of the security forces, were killed and injured during the protests, which have been dominated by women, while police announced the arrest of hundreds of protesters.

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