Development of 35 Culture Palaces and Museums… the most prominent project in the Investment Plan for the Culture Sector

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Cairo – Samia Saeed – Minister of Planning, Dr. A government report presented to parliament by Hala Al-Saeed detailed the key features of the cultural sector initiatives set out in the New Era Investment Plan. Financial year 2022/2023.

In this context, we review the targeted activities and financial allocations in the culture sector in the new year:

1- Developing museums, most important:

Sarai Al-Jazeera, Phase III and IV

– Museum of Modern Egyptian Art

– Home of the nation

2 – Three new branches of the Egyptian Public Library

6 new mobile libraries in addition to (Aswan, Menoufia, Qena).

3- Digitization of Egyptian Public Library branches

(red corner, olive, head)

4- 35 Development of palaces and culture houses

It is worth noting that these programs fall within the framework of the region’s development approach, which crystallizes around the establishment of a system of positive cultural values ​​in society, enabling the Egyptian to access the means of acquiring knowledge and opening horizons for him. To interact with the data of the contemporary world and to realize its history and Egyptian cultural heritage and to recognize culture as a force to achieve development and an added value to the national economy.

In this regard, the development efforts aim to consolidate the values ​​of citizenship and increase loyalty and belonging to the Egyptian identity, as well as to upgrade various cultural and artistic fields in an innovative and creative way, to develop talented and creative people, as well as to enhance Egypt’s position of strength, without discrimination to achieve cultural justice. To support and promote Karta cultural industries. and achieving its leadership on the global cultural map

Mojtaba Sadira

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