Conflict between the Palestinians and the Israeli occupation of separate areas of the West Bank

Muhammad Ismail – Cairo – Ramallah – (SHA):

Palestinian and Israeli occupation forces clashed on Tuesday evening in separate areas of the occupied West Bank, from Jenin in the north to Hebron in the south.

Palestinian security sources said several Palestinian civilians were suffocated in the village of “Rumana”, west of Jenin, after traders raided several homes in the village, interrogated residents and seized surveillance camera recordings.

Sources added that the traders have intensified their military deployment in the area of ​​Rummana, Zabooba and Tanak villages.

In Jericho, clashes broke out between Palestinian youth and Israeli occupation soldiers in the vicinity of the “Akabat Jabar” refugee camp in the southern part of the city.

Professional soldiers fired tear gas and stun grenades at the youth as they flew the drones in the air.

In Bethlehem, many Palestinian civilians suffocated, as the occupying forces gassed the homes of civilians in the “Aida” camp.

Security sources said traders stationed in the vicinity of the Bilal bin Rabah mosque at the northern entrance to Bethlehem fired teargas canisters at civilian homes without any confrontation, resulting in suffocation of civilians.

In Occupied Jerusalem, a group of settlers stormed the eastern “Wadi al-Joz” neighborhood and attacked a group of houses, sparking clashes between them and Palestinian youth.

In Hebron, clashes continued in the village of “Beit Omar” and a Palestinian youth was injured by live bullets and others were suffocated during the clashes.

Sources said traders disrupted the funeral of a civilian and tried to prevent mourners from reaching the cemetery at the city’s entrance, sparking clashes.

Sources added that soldiers occupying the roofs of several houses in Asida area fired live bullets, sound bombs and tear gas at civilians and mourners after they closed the iron gate constructed at the main entrance to the town, injuring them. A young man with a live bullet in his thigh, in addition to dozens of suffocating and fainting.

Sources added that a similar clash broke out in the “al-Dhahar” area, resulting in several civilians being suffocated and injured.

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