“Civilized Life” spent 5.4 billion pounds to develop railways.. Learn details

5.4 Billion Pounds Spent To Develop Railway Thanks For Reading “A Decent Life” News.. Know Details And Now With News Details

Cairo – Samia Saeed – The Good Life initiative succeeded in giving very positive returns in improving the lives of citizens. The Ministry of Planning announced that the government spent more than £5.4 billion in the financial year 2021/2022 on rail development alone. The first phase of the initiative to serve 17 million citizens. .

The Ministry of Planning had announced that in terms of transport projects, as it tops the state’s priorities, 116 railway stations have been developed to serve the people of 1,477 villages in the first phase of the initiative, which has a higher population. More than 17 million citizens, and more than EGP 5.4 billion have been spent to implement projects in the transport sector in the “Decent Life” initiative (only) during the fiscal year 21/2022.

and on the development of public investment directed to the transport sector, where public investment directed to the transport sector was more than 665 billion pounds in the last eight years (14/2015-21/2022), with a rate of over 454%, compared to the previous eight years (2007/06-13/ 2014) in comparison, where annual investment directed to this sector increased from 16.2 billion pounds in 2014/13 to 222.5 billion pounds in 2022/21, a growth rate of 1273%, according to a report by the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development..

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