Chelsea are planning to sign Milan’s jewel during the winter mercato

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Chelsea set to sign Milan gem during winter Mercato and thanks for reading the news now with details

Mohamed Al-Fallah – English press reports revealed that Chelsea club officials are planning to sign AC Milan’s star young Portuguese striker Liao, after the player managed to attract the attention of team officials and several major European clubs, especially after the player’s brilliance. Italian great this season.

It was reported that the amount allocated by the management of the English club to the contract with the player could exceed 120 million euros, in light of the player’s huge potential compared to his young age and continued development, which could bring the player closer to the “Blues”. Mercato Castle in the coming winter.

AC Milan’s position on selling the team’s star

For his part, the officials of the Milan club emphasized the difficulty of ignoring the player in the coming period, especially since this period witnessed the brilliance of the player, in addition, the next season is the last of Zlatan’s career with Milan, which makes it difficult to leave two of the best strikers in a short period of time.

The only condition allowing team officials to sell Liao

Officials at the Italian club believe that keeping the player longer is the best solution for now, but Milan’s failure to renew the player so far may have raised concerns among some team officials and their technical staff, forcing them to push through. The team agrees on the player’s departure next summer.

It is worth noting that the player’s contract has a partial clause worth 150 million euros, which Chelsea can agree to if they increase the offer to 130 million euros and reach the value of the penalty clause. Players to get the most out of a player before leaving the team.

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