Celebrations in “Khersan” Ukraine turned into a “nightmare”.

You are now following the news of an American newspaper: the celebration in Ukrainian “Khersan” turned into a “nightmare” and now with details

Baghdad – Yasin Safwan – newspaper reported, “In the southern capital Kherson, crowds over bread and water replaced dancing to music in the main square, after the withdrawal of festivities had previously dominated the scene. The Russians and the city returned to Ukrainian control.”

And when Russia withdrew its troops from Kherson earlier this month, it was without electricity, water, heat or mobile phone service. Ukrainian officials have warned of a humanitarian crisis, urging those who left during the occupation not to return.

And similar challenges are emerging elsewhere in the country, where the fallout from Russia’s shift to a policy of destroying civilian infrastructure has become more apparent with the onset of winter.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi said more than 10 million Ukrainians were without electricity, and that the cities of Kyiv, Odessa and Sumy were the most affected.

And the newspaper pointed out that “the situation in Kherson, the only regional capital held by Russia since the start of the war in February, is very bad.”

And she believed that “with long waiting periods, and sometimes in search of potatoes, water and bread, the citizens of Kherson see that even in bad conditions, they feel comfortable with the departure of the Russian army.”

She emphasized that “3 neighboring regions are sending aid in ambulances, fire trucks and buses, and other regions are working to build teams to help operate infrastructure, including water, gas and road systems.”

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