Carol Samaha: I was molested 3 times

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BAGHDAD – Yassin Safwan – The Lebanese artist said she was molested when she was 7, 10 and 12 years old, during her stay as a guest on the “Ghanili Bel Air” program.

Carol mentioned that 3 times she didn’t tell anyone what had happened to her and that this was partly because of her shyness and because she had to deal with his behavior, which in the third was a different reaction. Incident: “In the course of it, I understood the matter and threatened the criminal, and I began to feel that I was not afraid.”

The Lebanese artist described her 3 experiences of torture as “harsh”, noting that it was a mistake to hide what she faced: “I took the risk of not telling anyone,” until she advised what to say to those subjected to the matter. Until then, he confronted the person closest to him.

Samaha expressed her displeasure after hearing some families’ reactions to their children’s behavior: “In some cases parents lie to their children.”

It is worth noting that the Lebanese singer released a clip of her latest lyrical work “Maghruma Bamine” through her official YouTube channel in October.

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