Call Of The Night Episode 6 Recap Review Check Episode 7 Release Date & Time

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Undoubtedly, the sixth episode of the anime series “Yofukashi no Uta” is called “Call of the Night,” titled “Might as Well Have Fun,” and Kou introduces Kiyosumi, an agent of Nazuna who has affect him. The next evening, Kou and Nazuna visit a swimming pool at night, but when the two boys try to play with them, Kou gets angry. Here’s everything you need to know about the end of episode 6 of the animated series. Scroll down to find out more about it.

Call of the Night

The sixth episode of the anime series picks up where episode 5 left off. It was revealed that Nazuna was not available, Kiyosumi was surprised and a little scared to get a massage. from people. Yamori was happy that he was paid 2000 yen in addition to the kiss that Nazuna had promised him at the end of his job. When Kiyosumi learned that Yamori was only 14 years old in high school, he was surprised.

Call Of The Night Episode 6 Recap

He said he doesn’t go to school, he likes to hang out with his friends at night and he asked what he was doing this year. As Kiyosumi and Yamori get closer, she starts talking about him and what he does. Speaking of the same thing, Kiyosumi burst into tears. He explains how bad his job is and how he doesn’t want to brag about everything around his boss and coworkers. Yamori realizes that Kiyosumi’s life is similar to his when he receives a call from his boss asking him to leave the job which he refused.

Meanwhile, Yamori calls Nazuna and tells her that Kiyosumi has to leave for work. Nazuna grabbed Kiyosumi’s arms and threw them out of the house upon hearing that. It was shown that Kiyosumi started to cry about his work life, Yamori wanted him to enjoy the night. He also revealed to her that she would become a vampire with Nazuna’s help. At the party, Nazuna was running out of ideas for a good night.

Yamori said they should go for a night shower and thought Nazuna looked cute in a swimsuit. However, his anger begins when some strangers approach him from behind and start beating him. On the other hand, Nazuna also tried to make Yamori jealous by talking to strangers. Overall, The Nightmare Episode 6 is nothing less than a mixed bag of entertainment.

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