California mom attacked in hit-and-run joins Gascon recall effort: He’s responsible for this disaster

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A California mother who was hit by a car while walking her baby in a stroller has become the face of the campaign to recall liberal Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon over rampant crime.Rachel Hart fought for the toughest charges possible against her attacker, who was a juvenile out on probation at the time of the incident. Ultimately, he was charged with two counts of assault with intention to harm and one felony hit-and-run.”I still thought, ‘OK, maybe he’ll get five years.’ For me, that was a really low bar,” Hart said on “Fox & Friends First” Thursday. “Five months is what he got.”Hart said the problems with Los Angeles County’s handling of crime start from the top down. GEORGE GASCON RIPPED BY MURDER VICTIMS MOTHER FOR CLAIMING HE MADE LA COUNTY SAFER: THIS IS ‘ON YOUR BACK’
Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon on Tuesday defended his policies amid criticism following reports that the deceased suspect accused of killing two El Monte, California, police officers, was out on probation.
(KCBS-TV)”The probation officer certainly made a lot of mistakes it sounds like, but had it not been for Gascon’s soft-on-crime policies, this guy would be behind bars right now.” Hart wasn’t initially involved in the recall campaign. Now, the Recall Gascon Campaign website prominently features the footage of Hart being struck by a car and a video of her asking visitors to sign the petition.”I didn’t understand that the DA can have such a negative or positive impact on an entire county,” she said.Los Angeles is one of six major cities in America on track to outpace 2021’s already historic levels of violent crime, with an 8.6% increase so far this year. And while the recall campaign members are confident their petition will end up on the ballot in November, Hart noted that Gascon would still remain as district attorney until then.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP”It’s really hard to wrap your head around the fact that one person can be responsible for so much disaster, but like I said, from the top down, he is the ultimate party who’s responsible for all of this.” Amy Nelson is a producer with Fox News Digital.

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