BBNaija S7: Sheggz Relationship With Bella Is A Strategy – Giddyfia And Adekunle

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The drama continues in the Promotion Stage of the Big Brother Naija reality show as some of the housemates are playing detective.

Two housemates in the Level 1 house, Giddyfia and Adekunle recently revealed their suspicions about their colleague Sheggz and Bella.

The Sheggz and Bella ship is one of the ships currently traveling in the Tuakana house. The two seem to be all for each other all the time, even though Sheggz has taken it upon himself to show his feelings. Their relationship has been the subject of many speculations and rumors due to the speed with which Sheggz connects and the way she expresses her emotions.

During a conversation on Thursday between Adekunle, Giddyfia and Diana, the relationship between the two came up and Adekunle and Giddyfia shared their suspicions about the relationship.

They suspect that Sheggz’s rush to Bella is all a strategy to stay in the game, and that his feelings for Bella and the fact that he’s always after her may not be true.

Giddyfia felt that the strategy was pointless as it would end up playing with Bella’s emotions which would be unfair.

According to their story, Diana did not share their unpopular opinion and felt that Sheggz was honest especially since he is the one who clearly shows his feelings for Bella which is obvious to all of them.

Adekunle and Giddfia mocked Diana’s stupidity, replying that Sheggz could cheat. Adekunle felt that Sheggz’s art is a sign that he is faking his feelings and pretending to be in love with Bella. Against Adekunle and Giddyfia, Sheggz might just be stupid enough to fool everyone, but that might be his strategy to win the game.

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