BB bad.. Ronaldo laughs (VIDEO)

You are now following Pepe’s bad picture.. Ronaldo laughs (VIDEO) and now with details

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BB bad.. Ronaldo laughs (VIDEO)

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Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo couldn’t help but smile after drawing a picture of his teammate and friend Portuguese defender Pepe on paper at the Portuguese national team camp in Qatar to attend the World Cup finals.

The captain of the Portuguese national team decided to draw a portrait of his teammate Pepe, but he messed it up. Which shows that he has no talent for drawing, because he bursts into laughter afterwards.

Cristiano Ronaldo has a close relationship with fellow veteran defender Pepe, as they played together for several years in the Portuguese national team and were teammates at Real Madrid.

It was not visible in Pepe’s drawing when Cristiano Ronaldo revealed it to him.

Manchester United, despite the bad atmosphere surrounding the Portuguese star due to his recent statements against his team, he confirmed via video that he does not feel any pressure about the image and atmosphere in the camp of the Portuguese national team and he is. Comfortable and ready to lead the Portugal national team to world glory.

Portugal’s national team will open their campaign for the World Cup finals in Qatar on Thursday in Group H matches with Ghana, which also includes Uruguay and South Korea.

The Portuguese star confirmed in recent statements that there were no problems between his teammates in the Portuguese national team, Bruno Fernandez and Joao Cancelo, and explained the reasons for the extensive videos, emphasizing his good relationship with the players and his desire to play. In a strong bid to win the World Cup Finals.

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