Avoid common mistakes when applying sunscreen

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BAGHDAD – Yasin Safwan – Although many women think they understand how to use sunscreen, many of us use sunscreen incorrectly, reducing the effectiveness of the product, so here are some mistakes that jeopardize protection. UV rays, which we should get.

Common Mistakes When Applying Sunscreen:
1. A thin layer
It turns out that the method of applying sunscreen plays an important role in determining its effectiveness, and one of the common mistakes many women make is to apply only 25 to 50% of the recommended amount of sunscreen, as proper application requires one application. ounce of sunscreen to fully cover your body, including all areas exposed to UV rays.

To make sure you get enough protection, apply a generous amount to your face and neck, as well as behind your ears, temples and hairline. Sunscreen manufacturers often recommend applying the cream at a thickness of two milligrams per square centimeter of skin. This is the amount that experts use as a standard to determine SPF. Production sunlight.

2 Forgetting to apply sunscreen
Constantly forgetting to apply sunscreen on certain areas of your body is also a common mistake that many women make, and two main areas are often overlooked: “eyelashes and lips.”

Lips and eyelids are exposed to the sun’s radiation just like the rest of the body, putting them at risk for skin cancer, yet many people neglect or neglect to apply sunscreen to these areas.

And when applying sunscreen around the eyes, always remember to close your eyelids, because people who don’t adequately protect their eyelids from the sun’s rays are more likely to develop eyelid skin cancer, and sunscreen use isn’t just about reducing it. Sun damage and the risk of skin cancer, but also reduces the appearance of wrinkles on delicate eyelid skin and prevents the appearance of dark circles around the eyes.

3. Time to apply sunscreen
Since many people forget to apply sunscreen and remember it at the last minute, it is applied a few minutes before going out in the sun, although the correct application time is at least 15 minutes to get complete protection from the sun.

4. Ignore repetition
Many people neglect to reapply sunscreen after first applying it, and this is a common mistake, as dermatologists and estheticians recommend reapplying sunscreen cream every two hours, unless you’re outdoors and directly inside. in front of the sun

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