Aoun addresses the Arabs: Stand by Lebanon

You are now following the news of Aoun’s address to the Arabs: Stand by Lebanon and now with details

BAGHDAD – Yassin Safwan – According to a statement published by the Presidency of the Lebanese Republic through its account on the social networking site “Twitter”, she said that Aoun called on the Arab countries to stand by and support the Lebanese people, so that it can cross the current tunnel.

According to the statement, Aoun’s remarks came during a meeting with an Arab Lawyers Union delegation led by the secretary-general of the Macau Benaissa Union on the occasion of this year’s first session of the Arab Lawyers Union. Organized under the title “For Arab Unity in the Crisis of Lebanon and to Counter the Ambition and Aggression of the Zionist Enemy”.

Aoun pointed out that Lebanon has gone through a major crisis, “which led to the outbreak of a serious economic and financial crisis.”

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