Al-Sudani pays attention to ration cards.. Govt process details

You are now following the news about Al-Sudani ration card being looked into… with details of government measures and now details

After the meeting, Al-Sudani clearly revealed his government’s calmness and priorities when he allocated his first meeting, which was allocated to the trade minister, on his first working day as prime minister. through its media office to support food security for Iraqis.

In the meeting, plans of the Ministry regarding ration card items and programs in the field of food security were reviewed.

Al-Sudani stressed during the meeting that his government attaches great importance to the food file and makes it a priority.

He directed that it is necessary to take practical measures and improve the quality of the ration card in such a way as to increase the support of the citizens belonging to the poor and vulnerable groups.

According to the results of these meetings, Al-Sudani will pay special attention to the food file after the remarkable success gained from the partnership experience between the Ministry of Trade and the private sector, especially in the ration card file.

Iraq was one of the few countries in the world that did not experience an increase in food prices due to regular distribution of ration card items for nine consecutive meals.

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