According to the law.. Know the system of determining school fees before the new academic year

Thanks for reading news about law.. I know how to decide school fees before new academic year and now with news details

Cairo – Samia Said – The Education Law states that “school expenses for students, school activity fees, book prices, car subscriptions, food and lodging fees are determined in the light of the school budget project and by the decision of the General Governor. Regulations issued by the decision of the Minister of Education and Technical Education .

The Governor may decide to reassess the school fees prescribed for students in approved private schools while promulgating this Act, in the light of the general rules laid down by the Minister in this regard.

The system of studies and examinations in private schools should be similar to the system in force in the respective public schools.

The Competent Directorate of Education is responsible for supervising private schools in all respects like public schools. It also supervises the entrance and transfer examinations, approves their results and conducts financial and administrative checks.

Each private school shall have a principal and full-time teaching staff of equal rank and with the quorum established in the respective public schools and the competent Directorate of Education may, as required, grant license to the private school to appoint teachers. For a certain period, one academic subject or one semester if the number of lessons in this subject does not exceed 25% of the total number of lessons. A decision to regulate the working relationship between the employees of a private school and its employer is issued by a decision of the Minister of Education and Technical Education after consulting the opinion of the Minister of Energy.

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