A study shows the state’s efforts to build a generation of programmers and support AI

Thanks for reading the news about the study that informs the country’s efforts to build a generation of programmers and support artificial intelligence, and now with news details.

Cairo – Samia Said – A study by the Egyptian Center for Thought and Studies shows that the state has launched several initiatives to create a generation of programmers through the development of global educational and training programs in the subjects most in demand in the labor market. as artificial intelligence and data analysis; By training thousands of youth in various fields of technology. As a result of these efforts, Egypt advanced 55 places in the “Government Readiness for Artificial Intelligence” index, which measures the government’s readiness to use artificial intelligence techniques to provide public services to its citizens, from 111th in 2019 to 56th in 2020. .

On the academic side, the Egypt Informatics University was opened and studies began in the current academic year 2021/2022 and the number of students enrolled in the university reached 185 students this year.

The plan aims to train 55,000 apprentices, including 95,000 apprentices in various fields of technology in collaboration with international companies, as well as train 20,000 apprentices, for the plan to create Egyptian individuals and provide digital job opportunities. Areas of advanced technology through programs and initiatives of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. Aims to train 20,000 trainees in basic computer skills.

In this context, several initiatives aimed at creating Egyptian individuals and achieving the digital transformation process were launched, the most prominent of which were:

“Our Opportunity… Digital” initiative being implemented by the Information Technology Industry Development Authority (ITIDA); With the aim of increasing the contribution of small and medium-sized companies in the implementation of digital transformation projects, as well as increasing the competitiveness of these companies in the local and global markets, thus contributing to the creation of employment opportunities for the youth.

The “Our Future.. Digital” initiative, supervised by the Information Technology Industry Development Authority (ITIDA), where the initiative is a completely free grant, in partnership between the public and private sectors to train youth in high-demand fields of information technology through virtual academies, and 100,000 It aims to train the remote youth through 12 training tracks in the areas of web software, data science and e-marketing which are most in demand and locally and globally.

“Work from home” initiative under the supervision of Institute of Information Technology ITI; Aimed at educating and training youth on self-employment skills and remote work, as well as providing excellent income opportunities through partnerships with several self-employment platforms. Mahara Tech Platform and 6548 Sign Language Trainees.

The presidential initiative “Africa for Creative Games and Digital Applications” aims to develop the capacity and qualify 10,000 Egyptian and African youth to develop digital games and applications using the latest technologies, as well as stimulate the establishment of 100 Egyptian and African startups in this field. .

“Future Technology Pioneers”, a presidential initiative, is a digital platform to provide training in 45 training tracks in advanced technology subjects, in collaboration with leading technology companies and with recognized certifications from international universities. This initiative is driven by technology innovation and entrepreneurship. Center of Information Technology Industry Development Authority (ITIDA).

The digital learning initiative through the digital platform “Mahara Tech” aims to train the youth in several precise technical subjects in Arabic through 10 tracks and more than 17,000 trainees have already obtained a recognized certificate through this platform.

initiative BS securedLaunched by the National Telecommunication Institute, where 7 universities were contracted to train students in the field of information security and infrastructure, and training in installation, operation and maintenance of fiber-optic networks began. Nasr Social, with an investment of EGP 100 million to create employment opportunities for young people and train them professionally through companies participating in the initiative, and aims to link training programs with industry, including providing training on specialized technologies. The “Kidwa-Tech” initiative aims to support and empower Egyptians by supporting the skills of women entrepreneurs in the field of digital marketing and e-commerce using information technology, targeting 10,000 beneficiaries through live and online training and awareness programs for a period of 3 years. Signing of cooperation protocol between National Institute Telecom and Nasser Social Bank; Aimed at empowering youth to train through digital platforms, this initiative provides soft loans to finance laptop computers to trainees enrolled in various training programs of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.

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