A deputy leader demands cancellation of ministerial orders for special categories in caretaker government (document)

You are now following the news of a deputation seeking cancellation of ministerial orders for special degrees (documents) in caretaker government and now with details.

According to a document released by Baghdad – Yassin Safwan – and Al-Qaisi and obtained by Gulf 365, “Considering what was wrong with the appointments to senior positions during the transition to the caretaker of the previous government, they were issued for the interests and objectives of parties and party politics at the expense of Iraqis, not for the people.” The government suspected that it had been done.

And he added, “These appointments have been issued by a party who has no authority to issue them, the cancellation of these appointments is an urgent need and a legal requirement to correct the wrongful conditions and the consequent loss of lawns and public money.”

Mohammad Yusif

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