A crucial week awaits the formation of the government and the political trend to restore Parliament

You are now following the news in the video: A critical week awaits the formation of the government and the political orientation to restore the functioning of the parliament and now with details

The political scene is experiencing an unprecedented crisis situation and deadlock as more than three hundred days have passed since the election without the formation of a new government despite attempts at a coordination framework to form a government headed by Baghdad – Yasin Safwan. His candidate, Muhammad Shia al-Sudani, and this is what the Sadrist movement rejects. In general, what al-Sadr’s minister suggested was to keep al-Kazemi and Saleh in place until parliament is dissolved and early elections are held.

On the other hand, there are those who will attend the international games in the formation of any government and this was revealed by the representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Tehran saying that Iran refused to exclude the leader of the Sadrist movement. from forming the next Iraqi government, and it supports the formation of a government that includes all Iraqi political parties without excluding anyone, just as the Kurds do not want to stand with the Shia party to the exclusion of other parties, and perhaps with the participation of all parties capable of forming a government, including international sports Muqtada al-Sadr. Seeking agreement and consensus.

Sources revealed differences in the coordination framework over changing coalition candidates to form a new government, as the coalition has four main parties that replace al-Sudani with another candidate that al-Sadr has not provoked or rejected, but two parties have opposed the change. And other parties are with Sudanese change to overcome this crisis.

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