85 Of The Very Best Clapback Tweets From Celebrities

85 Of The Best Clapback Tweets From Celebrities, #Clapback #Tweets #Clapback Welcome DIALOGUECENTRE.ORG BLOGHere are the latest news and popular news we have for you today: :

Thanks to the joys of social media, we also have the opportunity to look into the world of celebrity. In seconds, pop culture pundits can scroll through A-listers’ opinions and find some entertaining stories. But if there is something we love more, it is to find the perfect compliments to gossip or gossip.

After all, for the fans of the stars, at least two keyboard heroes blew the damage to stir up more drama in the pot. Whether they try (and fail!) to show their intelligence, or forget that behind every star is a real person, some people almost ask to be put in their place. And the whole world will watch it happen.

Let’s be proud of the mean tweets and celebrity burns that hurt some people, shall we? Our team here at Boring Panda He’s scoured Twitter to bring you the most razor-sharp clips composed in 280 characters. So grab your popcorn and pull your chair closer because we’re going to uncover some of the most extreme cases. very good. So remember to vote for your favorite entries and share your thoughts about them in the comments!

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