5 Objectives of Compensation Act introduced by Govt.. Know them

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Cairo – Samia Saeed – Today, Sunday, the plenary session of the House of Representatives will discuss the report of the Joint Committee in the Office of the Housing Committee and the Planning and Budget Committee regarding the draft of the draft submitted by the government to amend certain provisions. 2017 is promulgated in the Contracts, Supply and Public Service Compensation Act and Act No. 84.

According to the report of the Joint Committee the draft law aims to achieve five main elements, which we review below:

Develop a permanent legal framework to regulate compensation for price increases resulting from successive economic decisions..

To enable the High Compensation Committee to submit to the Council of Ministers and approve its mandates to determine the basis, controls and percentage of compensation for losses arising out of economic decisions issued in periods other than the period or for price increase losses. As mentioned in section 1 of the present Act..

– Preserving the rights of state contractors, emphasizing the need for stable transactions, protecting the national economy, ensuring the implementation of national projects and the regular and stable operation of public utilities..

– To organize permanent mechanisms and instruments to distribute legal compensation to contractors including the State if affected by financial decisions, without recourse to the judiciary..

To protect the rights of workers in these affected sectors which comprise the majority of the working class of the country.

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