3rd Islamic Countries’ Women’s Games
October 25-26, 2001, Tehran

Second International Scientific, Cultural and Sportive Congress

Oct. 23 - Nov. 2

The goal of the Olympics Movement is to contribute to building a peaceful and better world by educating youth through sport practiced without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play.
 “Olympic Movement Chart - Chapter 1 – Item 1”

 Sports and Dialogue among Civilizations

Scholars and thinkers believe that now more than ever nations within this global village can benefit from each other’s experiences, initiatives and creativities. They can grow and better themselves and each other, and develop through communication and dialogue in the areas of culture, sciences and religion. The only other way instead of Dialogue today is the Clash, which would eventually lead the nations toward isolation.

The best ground for dialogue among civilizations is the proper cultural ground. Culture and civilization are the two common heritages of humankind, which in a logical and comprehensive observation will stand side by side. They could be used as the common human language and act as a bridge to bring the people of the world closer together.

In the cultural ground and in view of the spiritual and moral aspect of civilization, sports in the general sense, i.e. public sport, is a valuable means of ensuring the physical, mental, social and moral health of people. In a more specific sense, the international games and championships are a powerful means of sweeping over the political borders and creating a joint language for communication and dialogue among civilizations within different human societies.

Sports concern man and in a wider scale the human society, and so it is in close contact with the society’s culture. Therefore, and with regard to the rich Islamic civilization in the cultural ground -which is the core of commonalities between many nations and especially the Islamic countries- sports can be considered as a fundamental approach to dialogue among civilizations and realization of the civil society in the world.


Call for Action

Research Articles & Survey Plans

With a view to the important role of sport sciences in cultural, social, political and educational areas, and generalization of the hygiene as well as preservation of health of women society in particular, Islamic Countries Women’s Sport Federation (ICWSF) intends to organize the Second International scientific, cultural and sportive congress (from Oct. 23 to Nov. 2) simultaneously with the 3rd round of Games on Oct. 25-26, 2001 in Tehran.

We hereby invite all intellectuals, researchers and university professors, who are interested in presenting their research articles and survey plans to the congress during the ICWSF event, to remit their articles and plans on below mentioned topics to the editorial section of ICWSF, no later than August 10, 2001.

Topics of the Congress

  1. Sport & Women’s Mental & Physical Health
  2. Women’s Sport & Physiology
  3. Women’s Sport & Environment
  4. Women’s Sport & the Role of Sport Management
  5. Sport & Medical Grounds
  6. Sport & Dialogue between Civilizations
  7. Sport & Addiction
  8. Sport & Environment
  9. Handicapped Women’s Sport in Islamic Countries
  10. Sport Difficulties for Muslim Women

  Terms of Acceptance for Articles to be presented to the Congress

  1. Research articles are in priority.
  2. Interested persons may remit a summary of their articles (no more than 200 words) in English.
  3. Closing date of sending articles is August 10, 2001
  4. The original articles shall be sent one month after acceptance date of articles.
  5. Translation, accommodation and food expenditures are on the editorial section of the congress.
  6. Accepted articles will be published.

Participation Form of Articles in  
the 2nd International Scientific Cultural & Sportive Congress

Full Name ....
Education ....
Field ....                              Occupation ....
Title of Articles ....
Research            šTranslation            šCompiling            šGathering
Exact Home Address ....
Exact Job Address ....
Tel ....                                      Fax ....                                     E-Mail ....
Date ....                                     Signature ....

Topics of survey plans to be accomplished in the event    

  1. Women’s Sport, Culture & Society
  2. Women’s Sport & Mental - Physical Health
  3. Women’s Sport & Environment
  4. The Role of Sport in Establishing Cultural & Social Solidarity & Relation
  5. Sport & Environment
  6. Sport & Addiction
  7. Sports, Morals & Values
  8. Women’s Sport & the Status of Management in Sport
  9. The Role of Sport from Socialistic View-Points in Nurturing & Utilizing of Women’s Abilities

Research Plan Form

Full Name ....
Education ....
Field ....                              Occupation ....
Title of Research ....
Exact Home Address ....
Exact Job Address ....
Tel ....                                      Fax ....                                     E-Mail ....
Date ....                                    Signature ....

Works should be sent to:
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