The Philosophy Group of International Centre for Dialogue among Civilizations started to work in September1999 in order to study the theoretical and philosophical principles of Dialogue among Civilizations.

Staff Committees Committee Members Objectives and Activities Events


    Secretary:         Dr. Ali Mosleh
    Coordinators:     Ahmad Mazaheri, Sara Mir Sharifi


  1. Orientology and the world of Islam
  2. Occidentology
  3. Us and fundamentals of dialogue

Committee Members

  • Dr. Hosein Masoumi Hamedani (PhD in History of Science, University of Paris 7)
  • Dr. Reza Davari (Prof. of Philosophy, Tehran University)
  • Dr. Gholam Hosein Ebrahimi Dinani (Prof. of Islamic Philosophy, Tehran University)
  • Dr. Asghar Dadbeh (Prof. of Islamic Philosophy and Theology, Allameh Tabatabaee University)
  • Dr. Mohammad Zeimaran (Prof. of Philosophy, Al-Zahra University)
  • Dr. Mohammad Javad Faridzadeh (Prof. of Philosophy, Faculty of Art, Tehran University - Presidential Advisor)
  • Dr. Mohammad Reza Beheshti (Prof. of Philosophy, Tehran University)
  • Dr. Gholamreza Avani (Prof. of Philosophy, Shahid Beheshti University – Head of Knowledge and Philosophy Association of Iran)
  • Dr. Ali Paya (Prof. of Philosophy, Tehran University)
  • Dr. Shahram Pazoooki (Prof. of Philosophy, Tehran University)
  • Dr. Darioosh Shayegan (Writer and researcher on Philosophy of East and West)
  • Mr. Mostafa Malekian (Writer, researcher and translator of works on Philosophy and Theology)
  • Mr. Mohammad Jouzi (Writer, researcher and translator of works on Western Philosophy and Islam)
  • Mr. Ali Asghar Mohammadkhani (Reasercher on Philosophy – Editor in Chief of the Philosophy Publication)
  • Dr. Yussef Abazari (Prof. of Social Philosophy in the Social Sciences Group, Tehran University)
  • Mr. Morad Farhadpoor ((Writer, researcher and translator of works on Philosophy and Theology)
  • Dr. Mohsen Kadivar (Prof. of Philosophy, Teacher Training University)
  • Dr. Ezzatollah Fooladvand (Researcher and translator on Western Philosophy)
  • Dr. Ali Asghar Mosleh  
  • Dr. Mostafa Mohaghegh Damad (Prof. of Law, Philosophy and Islamic Law)

Objectives and Activities

  • Reviewing the theoretical fundamentals of Dialogue among Civilizations

  • Conducting research on ways of enrichment and promotion of the culture of dialogue and understanding

  • Presenting models of “fruitful dialogue” in the area of philosophy

  • Conducting research on the logic, ethics and the background of dialogue in the Islamo-Iranian tradition

  • Attempting to provide a common language for dialogue among civilizations


Lectures Monthly Dialogue Sessions Book Reviews
Seminars   Dialogue with World Philosophers


  1. Intercultural Philosophy in Germany and its relation to Dialogue among Civilizations (Prof. Irmgard Pinn)

  2. Lecture series by Prof. Casimo Zene broadly titled “Hermeneutics of Dialogue”

  3. Lecture series generally titled “Intellectualism in Iran”
        - State of Intellectualism in Iran during the Past Century (Dr. Ali Gheisari)
        - Intellectualism in Iran and the Generation of Dialogue among Civilizations (Dr. Ramin Jahanbagloo)
        - Advent of Intellectualism in the Irano-Islamic Tradition (Dr. Mark Smurzynski)

  4.  Lecture series generally titled “Dialogue among Civilizations: New Challenges and Horizons”
    The following thirteen lecturers- were delivered during the two day event:

    1. September 11 and Transformation in the Realm of Political Thought (Dr. Hatam Ghaderi)

    2. September Phenomenon (Dr. Seyyed Moosa Dibaj)

    3.  America as a Sign (Dr. Yusef Abazari)

    4. Meaning of Civilization from the viewpoint of September 11 events (Dr. Morad Farhadpoor)

    5. Collapse of the Legend of the Eternal Power (Dr. Majid Madadi)

    6. September 11 events and the Conspiracy Theory (Dr. Ali Ramin)

    7. Fundamentalism and September 11 events (Dr. Shahram Pazooki)

    8. Fundamentalism and September 11 events (Dr. Mohsen Kadivar)

    9. Potentials of Dialogue (Dr. Reza Davari)

    10. September 11 events and Civilizational relationships, a Critique of Subjectivity (Dr. Abbas Manoochehri)

    11. Terrorism, Word Plays and Dialogue (Dr. Mohammad Zeimaran)

    12. Clash and Dialogue, Dialectic of Fear and Hope (Dr. Ali Asghar Mosleh)

  5. Experience of Muslim-Christian Co-existance - A German Case Study (Dr. Ahmad ali Heidari

  6. Role of Alexandria’s territory in the interaction of intellectual traditions of East and West (Dr. Hossein Kalbasi)

  7. Analysis of the the Dictum "The rational is real and the real rational" in Hegel's Philosophy of Right (Dr. Mahmoud Ebadian)

Monthly Dialogue Sessions

  •  Concept of West in the Contemporary World
    Attending Dr. Gholamreza Avani, Dr. Reza Davari, Dr. Mohammad Zeimaran, Dr. Mostafa Malekian

  • Terms of Dialogue
    Attending Dr. Yusef Abazari and Dr. Morad Farhadpoor


·         Socrates, Philosopher of Dialogue
Held Feb 24-25, 2002 with the cooperation of Cultural Research Bureau at the Knowledge and Philosophy Association, Tehran.

The following 27 lectures were delivered in the two day event:

  1. Socrates and the Spiritual Leap (Dr. Gholam Hosein Ebrahimi Dinani)

  2. Socrates and his Philosophy (Dr. Abdolali Dastgheib)

  3. Principles of Socratic Leap (Dr. Hosein Kalbasi)

  4. Socrates, the Prophet Philosopher (Dr. Hosein Ghaffari)

  5. What to learn from Socrates (Dr. Reza Davari)

  6. Socrates, what is your job then? (Dr. Mohammad Reza Beheshti)

  7. Socratic Meaning of Virtue (Dr. Manoochehr Sanei Darebidi)

  8. Swan Song, a Paradigm for all Seasons (Dr. Moosa Akrami)

  9. Socrates, Philosopher of Dialogue and Silence (Dr. Karim Mojtahedi)

  10. Familiar Philosopher, Unfamiliar Dialogue (Dr. Mohsen Kadivar)

  11. Structuralism of Dialect and Wisdom of Socrates (Dr. Yusef Nozohoor)

  12. Dialogue, the Setting for the Confrontation of Socrates with the Voice of Other (Dr. Mohammad Reza Ghorbani)

  13. Satire in the Art of Socratic Dialogue (Roya Sadr)

  14. Socrates and Parmenides (Dr. Gholam Reza Avani)

  15. Defending Sophist against Socrates (Dr. Bijan Abdolkarimi)

  16. Thought of Iran in Thoughts of Socrates (Dr. Seyed Moosa Dibaj)

  17. Socrates the Sage according to Iranian sages (Dr. Mohsen Jahangiri)

  18.  Socrates in life and works of Suhrawardi (Dr. Roxanne Marcotte)

  19. Socrates according to Nietzsche Dr. Mohammad Zeimaran)

  20. Socrates and Wittgenstein (Dr. Sohrab Alavinia)

  21. Socrates, Dialogue and Other (Dr. Saeed Binaye Motlagh)

  22. Place and significance of Other in Dialogues of Socrates (Dr. Mostafa Yunesi)

  23. Socrates, Philosopher of Dialogue (Mr. Siavash Ramezanzadeh)

  24. Teachings of Socrates (Mr. Mohammad Hosein Mardani)

  25. Socrates and Paradox of Democracy (Dr. Jahangir Moini)

  26. Socrates and Theology (Dr. Homayoon Hemati)  

  27. Socratic Reasoning (Dr. Mohammad Javad Larijani)

·         Center and Periphery
April 29 - May 1, 2002 with the cooperation of Farzan Rooz Publication and Research Institute, Isfahan.

The following 21 lectures (13 by foreign lecturers) were delivered in the two day event:

  1. Center and Periphery in Science (Dr. Hosein Masoumi Hamedani)

  2. World Religious Orders and Democracy: Foundations for a Bilateral Tolerance (Prof. Alfred Stepan)

  3. Beyond Alienation: Origins of a Comprehensive Moral Order in the Post-imperial Islamic Discourse (Ebrahim Moosavi)

  4. Communal Dialogue throughout Cultures (Prof. Amitai Etzioni)

  5. Appreciating Diversity (Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad)

  6. Ideology of Eliminating Boundaries (Dr. Pascal Brukner)

  7. From Center and Periphery to Multiple Centers, Global Need for Diversity, Difference and Recognizing Ones Own Limits (Dr. Dieter Misgeld)

  8. Culture and Democracy (Prof. Jovani Sartori)

  9. Role of Developing Countries in the Future of International relations (Prof. Joseph Maila)

  10. Center and Periphery (Dr. Reza Davari)

  11. Indian Liberalism (Prof. Sunil Khilnani)

  12. Between Old Ages and the Spirit of Avant Gard (Prof. Abdelwahab Meddeb)

  13. Democracy in a Defining Stage (Prof. Abdou Filali-Ansary)

  14. Understanding the shift in the centricity of Civilizations, inspired by the practice of Mohyedin Ebn Arabi (Dr. Ali Asghar Mosleh)

  15. Democracy and Modernities: A Latin American Viewpoint (Dr. Manuel Antonio Garreton)

  16. The Third Man (Mahmood Dolatabadi)

  17. Dialogue of Civilizations: Efforts Beyond the Self in World Religions (Dr. Nur Yalman)

  18. Is Dialogue Possible? (Dr. Daryoosh Shayegan)

  19. Going beyond Clash of Civilizations (Dr. Ramin Jahanbagloo)

  20. Center and Spiritual Periphery or Man’s Oriental and Occidental Facades (Dr. Shahram Pazooki)  

  21. Share of Iranian Architecture in the the Dialogue of Center and Periphery (Mr. Mehdi Mazandarani Hairi

  • Poper's Influence on the 20th Century's Thought
    Held with the cooperation of the Cultural Office of the Austrian Embassy in Iran.
    Delivered lectures:

  1. Thought in the Philosophy of Ferge and Popper (Dr. Zia Movahed)

  2. Popper's Theory of Objective Knowledge and its Relevence to Modern Knowledge Society) Dr. Gerhard Budin)

  3. Clarifying the Circumstancial Logic (Dr. Ali Paya)

  • Review of the Ideas of Emanuel Levinas
    Delivered lectures:

  1. Integrity and Limitlessness (Dr. Mohammad Zeimaran)

  2. From the Thought of the "Other" to Diverse Thinking in the Ideas of Levinas (Dr. Ramin Jahanbagloo)

  • Nietzsche, the Cross-national Philosopher
    Held with the cooperation of the
    Nietzsche College of of the Germany's Weimar Classic Foundation.
    Delivered lectures:

  1. Nietzsche and Iqbal Lahoori (Dr. Gholam Reza A'vani)

  2. An Indian Recitation of the Birth of Tragedy (Dr. Mohammad Reza Rikhtehgaran)

  3. Reflection of the Translation of Nietzsche's work in Iran - Beginning to Present (Ali Abdollahi)

  4. Nietzsche as a Kantian Philosopher (Morad Farhadpoor)

  5. Dies klaven der drein (momente, meinungen, moden), Friedrich Nietzsches kritik des modernen kulturer haltens (Renate Reschke)

  6. A Critique on Nietzsche's Philosophy (Dr. Mahmood Bianye Motlagh)

  7. Heidegger's Nietzsche (Dr. Reza Soleiman Heshmat)

  8. Theologie nach Nietzsche (Andreas Zommer)

  9. Retroaction of the Retroactive Life (Dr. Seyyed Moosa Dibaj)

  10. Nietzsche: Reality, Art and Life (Dr. Mohammad Javad Safian)

  11. Das posthumanistische projekt des übermenschen Nietzsche (Volker Caysa)

  12. Zoroaster looks alchemistically into the child's mirror (Mohammad Reza Ghorbani)

  13. Dionysian and Apollonian Aspects of Nietzsche's Thought (Dr. Mohammad Reza Madadpoor)

  14. Nietzsche, Weber, Heidegger: Denken imzeichen des nihilismus (Johannes Weib)

  • On Sohrevardi, celebrating the birthday of Sohrevardi with the cooperation of the Literature and Philosophy's Book of Month. Featuring lectures by Dr. Gholam Hosein Ebrahimi Dinani, Dr. Yahya Yasrebi, Dr. Abolghasem esmaeelpoor and Mohammad Ali Sajjadi

Dialogue with World Philosopher

Jurgen Habermas 
(May 11-18, 2002 / Tehran)


  • Role of Religious Tolerance in Western Societies (Knowledge & Philosophy Association)

  • Secularism in Post-cultural Societies of West (Tehran University)

Book Reviews

  • Review of the book "Dialogue in a Real World" by Dr. Paya, attending the author, Dr. Hosein Masoumi Hamedani, Dr. Yusef Abazari and Dr. Mohammad Zeimaran