President Mohammad Khatami said on Saturday that major part of the world's problems will be resolved if politicians consider culture in politics and power spectrum.

Addressing an International Forum on 'Islamic and Latin Heritage' attended by several distinguished figures from Latin America, President Khatami said that the extensive welcome accorded to the proposal of dialogue of civilization indicated the urgent need of the international community to it. He regretted that the year 2001, the year of dialogue of civilizations turned to the year of violence, war and terrorism and said, "Those used to war, violence and imposition of their views, cannot easily submit to the logic of dialogue, peace and justice.

"Terrorism and War are the sides of the same coin emanated from unilateral outlook as well as arrogance and not heeding the logic," the president pointed out. He said that if mutual respect and multilateral outlook were observed in dealing with the international issues, dialogue will never lose its efficacy.

President Khatami said that dialogue of civilizations, which is a means to honor equity of every human being and all nations, should take the place of force and extortion. He said that Iran has special status in promoting the Islamic civilization and said that Iran is working to enforce democracy in line with Iranian cultural and religious values.

The president referred to history of understanding between the western and the Islamic cultures and said, "I believe that the theory of 'clash of civilizations' or the theory of 'the end of history' are the outcome of western selfish and superiority attitude. "When you negate everything except the western values, certain reactions will follow in the form of extremism against the achievements of the western civilization," he said. "Terror, violence and extremism are reactions to war and humiliation. It is unfortunate that in the first year of the third millennium, the year known as the Year of Dialogue of Civilizations, became a year of terrorism, war and hatred. Selfish attitude leads the world community to war," President Khatami said.

President Khatami said that the western civilization and its achievements are great and undeniable realities, but, the western values are not the final ones. As long as the human being exists, innovation and creativity continue, he said.

He said that dialogue of civilizations between the Islamic and western nations are of great significance. President Khatami said that absence of due attention to morality and divine values in the western civilization is the main reason for inadequate interpretations of the religious doctrines. 
He called on those peace-loving nations to seriously follow dialogue of civilizations to bring about a world where all human beings live with peace and harmony. Before the president's remarks, Deputy Foreign Minister for Education and Research Affairs Sadeq Kharrazi said that the Islamic Republic of Iran has put forward the proposal to form 'Coalition for Peace' which has been hailed by intellectuals around the world as the dire need of the contemporary era. 

Secretary-General of the Academy of Latin Studies Candido Mendez, Brazilian Minister of Culture Francisco Weffort, former Portuguese president Mario Soares, Chairman of the Academy of Latin Studies Federico Mayor and several other university professors took part in the forum. They called for dialogue of civilizations as the means to establishing peace, security in the international community and bringing about international understanding. Return

March 7, 2002

I am pleased to send warm greetings to Iranian Americans observing Nowruz.

This year’s observance occurs during a period of trial, when our Nation is united in its determination to make the world safe from terrorism. The community of more than one million Iranian Americans has fully participated in this noble endeavor by condemning the terrorist acts, participating in rescue efforts at ground zero, and offering help and support to the victims, who included individuals of Persian heritage.

From the arts and education to industry and science, Iranian Americans have made significant and enduring contributions to the cultural and civic life of our Nation. Your observance of the traditional Persian New Year honors an ancient and storied history and marks a time of renewal. As the season changes, may this celebration of Nowruz serve as a special time for you to reflect on your rich heritage and to enjoy the company of family and friends.

Best wishes for a memorable celebration.

George W. Bush Return