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International Studies
Institute for contemporary international studies (ICIS),
Diplomatic Academy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russian Federation, The Institute conducts fundamental research in all fields pertaining international relations; publishes textbooks, monographs and periodicals; provides academic support to the Russian foreign policy, organizes multi-national conferences and maintains other forms of cooperation with research and educational centers.
Global Education Associates (GEA) is a partnership of individuals and organizations in 90 countries working to enable people to understand and respond constructively to the crises and opportunities of today's interdependent world.
International Institute for Asian Studies: A post-doctoral institute aiming to encourage Asian Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences and to promote national and international scientific co-operation in these fields.
International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (
International IDEA), Promotion and advancement of sustainable democracy and improvement and consolidation of electoral processes world-wide.
The Ethics and Public Policy Center (EPPC), established in 1976 to clarify and reinforce the bond between the Judeo-Christian moral tradition and the public debate over domestic and foreign policy issues.
The Carter Center at Emory University. The Center is dedicated to fighting disease, hunger, poverty, conflict, and oppression through collaborative initiatives in the areas of democratization and development, global health, and urban revitalization.
Overseas Development Council, private international policy research institute that "seeks to inform and improve the multi-lateral approaches and institutions dealing with development issues".
The Center for Middle Eastern Studies
The Center for Ethics, Capital Markets and Political Economy is a non-profit organization established in 1994 to provide a discussion forum and information resource for persons who believe that moral concerns should be taken into account in economic and political thinking.
The German Foundation for International Development (DSE), Provides a forum for development policy dialogue and offers initial and advanced training of specialists and executive personnel from developing and transitional countries.
Metaphors of Governance, explores the role of metaphor and pattern in relation to governance, understanding of world problems, articulation of more appropriate organizational strategies, transformative conferencing and dialogue, and knowledge organization.
The Institute for Global Ethics is an independent, nonsectarian, and nonpolitical organization dedicated to elevating public awareness and promoting the discussion of ethics in a global context.
The Open Society Institute, promotes the development and maintenance of open societies around the world by supporting an array of programs dealing with educational, social, and legal reform.
The MIT Electronic Journal of Middle East Studies.
The Independent Working Group on the Future of the United Nations including full text of their report issued on 19 June, 1995.
The International Center for Migration, Ethnicity and Citizenship (ICMEC), based at the New School University, engages in scholarly research and public policy analysis bearing on international migration, refugees, and the incorporation of newcomers.
The Ethnic Conflict Research Digest publishes peer reviews of recently published books, journal articles and research papers on the dynamics and management of ethnic conflict.
Vienna Conference:
"Globalization and Identity", November 4-6, 1999.
Conference on Philosophical Challenges and Opportunities of Globalization, Boston MA, August 7-9, 1998.

The www Virtual Library, International Affairs Resources
DARE, Directory in Social Sciences – Institutions, Specialists, Periodicals
A growing collection of over 37,100 adherent statistics and religious geography citations
Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind
Ethnologue: languages of the world,
Resource center for languages from all over the world.
Links to Aboriginal Resources,
Magnificent collection of resources and a great directory on aboriginal cultures worldwide
MCC Multi Cultural Calendar, A calendar of the main holidays and festivals all over the world.
Multilingual Multiculture, Contains a very extensive directory of links about multiculturality organized around 14 different categories from Afro-American culture to a directory on cultural diversity.
On-line Dictionaries,
This list presents on-line dictionaries for more than 160 different languages as well as other linguistic and etymological resources.
The encyclopedia of mythology,
An encyclopedia on mythology, folklore and legend. It contains more than 4,700 definitions of legendary creatures, supernatural beings and monsters from all the cultures and peoples of the world.
Translation Agencies and Translation Service Providers, A directory of agencies and providers of translation and interpretation services.
Biographical Dictionary, Includes more than 27,000 notable men and women who have shaped our world from ancient times to the present day.
The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
The largest exclusively environmental organization directory on the Web and includes sites from over 100 countries
The Library of the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG) is a leading European center for the study of world affairs 

Dictionaries, encyclopedias between 30 - 40 sites

News Sources for current events
Newspapers, news programs, magazines between 30 - 40 great sources editors bring you the best Web sites, leading magazines, related books, and the complete Encyclopedia Britannica.
Educational Resources: Research Tools, Libraries, Books and Space Sensations.
International Centre for Trade Law: Directory of law firms and legal issues in the UK, Europe, and Asia.
Flags of the world
Classical Search, Gateway to the world of classical music
The Embassy Web turns its spotlight onto web sites maintained by foreign representations all over the world with over 50,000 addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of diplomatic posts worldwide.
The Electronic Embassy provides information on each of the embassies in Washington D.C. with links to Web-based resources where available.
Listings of political sites available on the Internet sorted by country, with links to Parties, Organizations, Governments, Media and more from all around the world.
US Embassies
Extensive list of civil society organizations with material hosted by the Association for Progressive Communication's Peacenet operation.
Maps of the Middle East
Foreign Law Collections
World History Compass
Political Resources on the Net--Middle East
Middle East Resource Center (MERC)
WorldView Christmas
Web Within The Web (TM): developed by inc., of Toronto, Canada.
A growing collection of over 37,100 adherent statistics and religious geography citations
Ethnologue: languages of the world,
Resource center for languages from all over the world.
MCC Multi Cultural Calendar, A calendar of the main holidays and festivals all over the world. 
Uni-Verse Inc. Offers a service called Uni-verse chat, which is a multilingual chat tool.
Word Translator works with a text processor and translates, among different languages, messages, documents, manuals and books. It even teaches the pronunciation of certain words.
NEW Anthropology Section of the WWW Virtual Library, A comprehensive listing of Internet resources relating to anthropology.
The WWW Virtual Library
CIA: Central Intelligence Agency
Multilingual Dictionary
The Online Resource for the Arab World in the Middle East and North Africa
Japan Information Network: Concise introductions of typical topics related to themes such as Japanese geography, economy and culture.
University of Toronto G8 Information Centre:
Summits, Meetings and Documents of the Seven and the Eight

Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations - On Dialogue: Panel Discussions, declarations, and statements on Dialogue Among Civilizations.
Charter of the United Nations
Dialogue papers by various authors
The Dialogue Project Annual Report 1993-94 by William N. Isaacs of the MIT Center for Organizational Learning
William van den Heuvel's page on Bohm Dialogue
The works of David Bohm on Dialogue
David Bohm’s definition of Dialogue
Dialogue: A Proposal, David Bohm
UN Press Release GA/9685: Assembly seeks universal support for international year of Dialogue among civilizations, 2001
Dialogue is a bimonthly periodical published by The Alliance for Cultural Enrichment, Inc. (ACE). Starting January 1999 it will be published quarterly. Dialogue is designed to be a resource on African-American literature, art, film, and other cultural issues.
February 1997 the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma hosted a two-day workshop/colloquium with Professor Leonard Swidler of Temple University: Dialogue: The Path To Community
The Dialogue of Civilizations by Robert Royal
Islam and the West, a Dialogue Between Civilizations: An interview with Iran's ex-Ambassador to the Vatican, Mohammad Masjed Jamei
Viewpoint: Dialogue of Civilizations by Giandomenico Picco
Globalism, Localism and Islamism: Migration, Identity, and World System Development 1 by Majid Tehranian
Dialogue Of Civilizations For Peace by Majid Tehranian
Statement by the Representative of Cyprus Ambassador Constantine Moushoutas at the Plenary Meeting of the 53rd Session of the UN General Assembly Dialogue Among Civilizations
A Theory of Civilization by Philip Atkinso
Biodiversity: cultural and ethical aspects by Mahdi Elmandjra
Cultural Communication: major challenge of the future by Mahdi Elmandjra
Need for a Reglobalization of ‘Globalization’ by Mahdi Elmandjra
La Necessite de «Deglobaliser» la « Globalisation by Mahdi Elmandjra
Internet Archive of Texts and Documents
First Civilizational War (French/English) by Mahdi Elmandjra
President Khatami's speech at Italian Parliament
ISGN Publications: ISGN is a south based network of thinkers and spokespersons for sustainable, just and people-centred, global development
Pul-i Firuza (Bridge of Turquoise) a quarterly, independent journal to be published by the Cultural Research Bureau provides a unique and most effective forum for all who are interested in the "dialogue of civilizations"
Conflict and Culture: Preventing Ethnic-Based Conflict by Dr. Joseph Doherty November, 1999
Foreign Policy Paradigm for the New World Order: The Cultural Factor Dr. Joseph E. Doherty Bad Bergzabern October, 1995
Cultural Capital for a Global Venture by Dr. Joseph E. Doherty August, 1997
Art, Aesthetic Sense and Cultural Mediation by Dr. Joseph E. Doherty October, 1998 

Abrahamic Faiths, Ethnicuty and Ethnic Conflicts
Paul Peachey, George F. McLean and John Kromkowski, eds., study of religions…looks to the common Abrahamic roots of the three "religions of the book": Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Throughout it looks for the complex dialects of unity in diversity, and diversity in unity, 1997. 

Medieval Western Philosophy: The European Emergence
Patrick J. Aspell. This history of medieval philosophy in Europe begins with a section on Augustine and proceeds through a number of minor currents important for the gradual emergence of philosophy from the dark age. It focuses on Bonaventure Aquinas, and treats the following critical period.

Ethical Implications of Unity and the Divine in Nickolas of Cusa
David J. Deleonardis,1998.

Ethics at the Crossroads, Vol. 1: Normative Ethics and Objective Reason, Richard Wolak and George F. McLean. Are there moral norms? The studies proceed from the ethical factors of compromise, utility and development to the ontological character of the person and its implications for natural law and normative reasoning, 1995. 

Ethics at the Crossroads, Vol.2: Personalist Ethics and Human Subjectivity
Richard Wolak and George F. McLean. The creative character of living morally. The impact of the developing appreciation of human subjectivity for ethics; religious foundations for ethics; Christian values and contemporary ethics, 1992.

The Deficient Cause of Moral Evil according to Thomas Aquinas
Edward Cook,
A philosophical analysis of the classical structure of Aquinas' scholastic argumentation on the issue of the deficient cause of moral evil as a privation, treating issues of being, good, evil, freedom and human causality, 1995.  

Civil Society and Social Reconstruction
George F. McLean, ed. A set of interdisciplinary and cross cultural studies by university professors on the notion of civil society as it is unfolding in our days. This focuses on philosophy but extend to law, literature, politics, etc., as well as reflects works by thinkers from Islamic, Asian, Latin American and Western Scholars, 1997.

Ways to God: Personal and Social at the Turn of Millennia  
George F. McLean, 1999.

Person and Community:Ghanaian Philosophical Studies, I, Kwasi Wiredu and Kwame Gyekye, eds. Research by William Abraham, N.K. Dzobo, K. Gyekye and K. Wiredu on: the theory and epistemology of African identity, the image of man and community in Ghanaian cultures, and traditional value horizons and contemporary development, 1992. 

The Foundations of Social Life: Ugandan Philosophical Studies: I
A.T. Dalfovo, ed. Research on the logical and epistemological factors in the Ugandan heritage for continuity and transformation; their impact on the metaphysical sense of the person and the processes of village and urban life. Studies at Makere University, 1992. 

Identity and Change in Nigeria: Nigerian Philosophical Studies I
Theophilus Okere, ed. Continuity in a changing African culture; the phenomenon of the city in Africa; anthropology of name and self; values in flux and the moral dimension. Introduction, 1995. 

Social Reconstruction in Africa: Ugandan Philosophical Studies II
E. Wamala, A.R. Byaruhanga, A.T. Dalfovo J.K. Kigongo, S.A. Mwanahewa and G. Tusabe, 1995.

Al-Ghazali Deliverance from Error and Mystical Union with the Almighty Al-Munqidh Min Al-Dalal
Arabic text established and English translation with introduction by Muhammad Abulaylah, Introduction and notes: George F. McLean, 1999.

Philosophy in Pakistan
Naeem Ahmadj, ed, 1998.

The Authenticity of the Text in Hermeneutics
Seyed Musa Dibadj, 1998.  

Interpretation and the Problem of the Intention of the Author: H.-G. Gadamer vs E. D. Hirsch
Burhanettin Tatar, 1998. 

Ways to God: Personal and Social at the Turn of Millennia
George F. McLean, 1999. 

Christian – Islamic Preambles of Faith
Joseph Kenny, 1999. 

Man and Nature
Tang Yi-jie, Li Zhen, and George F. McLean, eds. Classical, Western and Marxists components of the Chinese search for social identity; with hermeneutic considerations for their creative interrelations and for Eastern and Western approaches to the developing appreciation of the dignity of the person. To be followed by a volume on society. Contributors: philosophy faculty of Peking University with Kenneth Schmitz, Richard T. DeGeorge, Tomonobu Imamichi and others, 1989. 

Chinese Foundations for Moral Education and Character Development
Tran van Doan, Vincent Shen, and George F. McLean, eds. The resources of Chinese cultural heritage for the moral education of youth, with special attention to the Confucian horizon. The development of the sense of the person and ethics in modern thought, and the separation of moral development from ideology, 1991. 

Confucianism, Buddhism, Daoism, Christianity, and the Chinese Culture
Tang Yi-jie,. Confucianism and Daoism absorbing and mutually transforming new horizons, especially Buddhism; attention to the writings of Matteo Ricci and potential Christian contributions to modern development in Chinese culture, 1991. 

Morality, Metaphysics and Chinese Culture
Vincent Shen and Tran Van Doan, eds. The metaphysical underpinnings of the moral dimension of culture, with a focus on the Chinese tradition, 1992. 

Psychology, Phenomenology and Chinese Philosophy
Vincent Shen, Richard Knowles and Tran Van Doan, eds. The humanization of psychology through the impact of phenomenology; related elements in the Chinese tradition, 1994. 

Values in Philippine Culture and Education, Philippine Philosophical Studies I
Manuel B. Dy, Jr., ed. The pattern of Philippine values; their ambiguity, the context for positive results and for education, 1994. 

The Human Person and Society: Chinese Philosophical Studies
Zhu Dasheng, Jin Xiping and George F. McLean, eds. This joint colloquium with the Philosophy Department of Peking University and the RVP first surveys the social problems of our day, second treats the approach of the human sciences to the study of society and family treats issues of social harmony, 1997 

The Filipino Mind, Philippine Philosophical Studies II 
Leonardo N. Mercado. The manifestations of the values of the people in language, actions and customs, 1994.  

Philosophy of Science and Education: Chinese Philosophical Studies
Vincent Shen and Tran Van Doan, eds. Science and human subjectivity in the Chinese tradition. Constructivism and science education. Metaphysics and science, 1995. 

Chinese Cultural Traditions and Modernization: Chinese Philosophical Studies
Wang Miaoyang, Yu Xuanmeng and George F. McLean, eds. This study of the relation of Chinese cultural traditions to modernization is the result of a joint colloquium of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS) and the RVP, 1997. 

The Humanization of Technology and Chinese Culture, Chinese Philosophical Studies
Tomonobu Imamichi, Wang Miaoyang and Liu Fangtong, eds, 1998. 

Beyond Modernization: Chinese Roots for Global Awareness, Chinese Philosophical Studies
Wang Miaoyang, Yu Xuanmeng and George F. McLean, eds. This studies present Chinese efforts to get beyond the contrast between tradition and modernization by looking to the new sense of a global culture whose issues of metaphysics and affectivity as more hospitable to Chinese culture. This is the result of a joint colloquium of SASS and the RVP, 1997. 

Philosophy and Modernization in China: Chinese Philosophical Studies
Liu Fangtong, Huang Songjie and George F. McLean, eds. This study of modernization in the Chinese context is the result of a join colloquium of the Philosophy Department of Fudan University and the RVP, 1997. 

Economic Ethics and Chinese Culture: Chinese Philosophical Studies
Yu Xuanmeng, Lu Xiaohe, Liu Fangtong, Zhang Rulun and Georges Enderle, eds. This philosophical study of economic ethics and Chinese culture reflects a joint colloquium of the Philosophy Department of Fudan University and SASS with the RVP. It studies the resources of Confucianism, Marxism and pragmatism for providing a philosophical basis for an ethics of economic life, 1997. 

Civil Society in a Chinese Context: Chinese Philosophical Studies
Wang Miaoyang, Yu Xuanmeng and Manuel B. Dy, eds. This joint study by SASS and the RVP relates civil society to the culture of the people, looks for its philosophical principles and addresses its structure in a changing world, 1997. 

The Bases of Values in a Time of Change: Chinese Philosophical Studies 
Kirti Bunchua, Liu Fangtong, Yu Xuanmeng and Yu Wujn, eds. Preface, 1999. 

Authentic Human Desticy: The Paths of Shankara and Heidegger
Vensus A. George, 1998. 

The Philosophy of Person: Solidarity and Cultural Creativity: Polish Philosophical Studies, I
A. Tischner and J.M. Zycinski, eds. The philosophical foundations of Solidarity which transformed Eastern Europe: the emerging sense of person and its relation to metaphysics and science, to ethical values and cultural creativity, 1994. 

Traditions and Present Problems of Czech Political Culture: Czech Philosophical Studies I
Michael Vejrazka and Miloslav Bednar, eds. Past experiences of unfreedom and the new freedom; national character and democracy; self-identification in Czech Artistic culture, 1994. 

Czech Philosophy in the Xxth Century: Czech Philosophical Studies, II
Lubomìr Novy and Jiri Gabriel, eds. The development of philosophy, against the backdrop of scholasticism, during this century, with special attention to the transformation of positivism in the Czech contest and the contribution to the development of phenomenology, 1994. 

Language, Values and the Slovak Nation: Slovak Philosophical Studies, I
Tibor Pichler and Jana Gasparikova, eds. A study of the development of the Slovak sense of nation with special attention to the role of language; and its role in the founding of the Czechoslovak state and current transformations, 1994. 

Morality and Public Life in a Time of Change: Bulgarian Philosophical Studies, I
Vasil Prodanov and Assen Davidov, eds. Moral values in the field of social relations. Moral education, moral culture and moral action in the transformation of society, 1994. 

National Identity as an Issue of Knowledge and Morality: Georgian Philosophical Studies I
Ghia Nodia and Paul Peachey, eds. The nature of national identity and its role in a democracy; the liberal critique and the critique of liberalism; the character of the Georgian national identity and its neo-Platonic roots, 1994. 

Personal Freedom and National Resurgence
Bronius Kuzmickas and Aleksandr Dobrynin, eds. Impact of past history, medieval and modern. The emergence of new dimensions of freedom and creativity, 1994. 

National, Cultural and Ethnic Identities: Harmony beyond Conflict
Jaroslav Hroch, David Hollan and George F. McLean, eds, 1998.  

Models of Identities in Post Communist Societies YugoslavPhilosophical Studies, I
Zagorka Goluboviƒ and George F. McLean, eds, 1999. 

Interests and Values: The Spirit of Venture in a Time of Change: Slovak Philosophical Studies, II
Tibor Pichler, Jana Gasparikova, eds, 1999. 

Creating Democratic Societies – Values and Norms: Bulgarian Philosophical Studies, II
Plamen makariev, Andrew M. Blasko and Asen Davidov, eds, 1999. 

Human Dignity – Values and Justice: Czech Philosophical Studies, III
Miloslav Bednár, eds, 1999. 

The Social Context and Values
Olinto Pegoraro and George F. McLean, eds. The role of society in the shaping of values, with contributions from sociological and psychological critical theory and studies of technological, religious and aesthetic dimensions of life by Latin American scholars, 1989. 

Culture, Human Rights and Peace in Central America
Raul Molina, Timothy Ready, and George F. McLean, eds. The historical, anthropological, literary, economic and religious dimensions of Central American tensions and reconstruction, 1989. 

Love as the Foundation of Moral Education and Character Development
Luis Ugalde, Nicolas Barros and George F. McLean, eds. A philosophical study of the issue of values and education. It pays special attention to the role of love in the formation and direction of human action. Its special context is Latin America, particularly Venezuela, but the issue is central for all people, 1998. 

Human Rights, Solidarity, and Subsidiarity: Essays Towards a Social Ontolog
Y. Maldonado, Carlos E. A philospohical study of the basic principles for civil society. The approach is phenomenological, the goal i to build civil society upon a construction to social ontology. 

Person and Nature
George F. McLean and Hugo Meynell, eds., fwd. H.D. Lewis. A progressive examination of the capabilities and limits of approaching nature in terms of science, progress, person and transcendence, respectively. Contributors include John Smith, Eroll Harris, Eliot Deutsch, Masao Abe, as well as Margaret Chatterjee and a team of Indian philosophers, 1988. 

Person and Society
George F. McLean and Hugo Meynell, eds. The social nature of personal self-consciousness and the impact of community and its structures on the ethics and rights of the person. Contributors include Richard McKeon, Ivor Leclerc, Seyyed Hossein Nasr, Mihailo Markovi, and others, 1988. 

Person and God
George F. McLean and Hugo Meynell, eds. Jerusalem studies on religious traditions, metaphysical approaches and foundations for human freedom by Ivor leclerc, H.D. Lewis, David Hartman, J. Ladrière, L. Rouner, Richard Martin, J.N. Findlay and others, 1988. 

The Nature of Metaphysical Knowledge
George F. McLean and Hugo Meynell, eds. Contemporary problematic of the approaches and methods for metaphysics; their implications for science, ethics and history, 1988.
Islam and the West, a Dialogue Between Civilizations, Echo of Islam
Jan. 1998, No. 163
Transcript of Christiane Amanpour interview with Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, January 7,1998.
Description and purpose of Dialogue, documents, projects and other valuable information.
Discussion Page on the concept of
Dialogue of Civilizations
Religious resurgence in a global perspective by Majid Tehranian, University of Hawaii at Manoa