Library of the International Centre for Dialogue among Civilizations was launched in 1999 aiming to collect, preserve and provide information through recently published books covering a wide variety of Human Sciences including Philosophy, Mysticism, Logics, Theology, Sociology, Psychology, Arts, Law, Political Sciences, International Relations, History, Literature, and most importantly, books on the relevant subjects to Dialogue among Civilizations. 

The specialized ICDAC Library is a division of Information Providing System of the Centre, operating under the direct supervising of the Centre’s president and utilizing the LC Classification System. 

Currently the ICDAC Library includes 32000 titles in 40000 volumes, in languages including Persian, Arabic, English, French and German. Attempts have been made to purchase and add books of other languages to the present collection. 

Order Process 

Order process is based on the needs and requirements of all scientific groups as of books, periodical publications, and other information resources including films, tapes and CDs. The library provides and sends catalogs to the Groups, and starts the order process according to the selected items. 

Orders are made through locally accredited certified agents. In special occasions, the Centre directly makes the purchase. 


After the selection of required titles by the research and scientific groups of the Centre, subscriptions are made to both local and foreign periodicals. Presently the periodicals subscribed by the Centre include 100 local and 200 foreign titles. 


The book collection of ICDAC Library is open to all experts and researchers. In the Resource section as in all sections, globally accredited resources such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, manuscripts, book reviews and biographies are collected with regard to the needs of the Centre’s scientific groups. 


The archive of the Library stores audio-visual tapes of all Centre’s activities including lectures, classes, exhibitions, conferences and seminars. 


  1. Online Library at
  2. Book Borrow
    ICDAC Library’s books may be borrowed by the Centre’s researchers. Outside researchers who would want to borrow books from the library must make arrangements to be introduced to the library by the Centre’s scientific groups.
  3. Internet access
    Internet access is offered researchers within the working hours of the library.
  4. Copies
    All researchers can take copies of their needed material.
  5. Reports
    Reports on subjects needed by the researchers from the library’s data bank are available on request.

Future plans 

  • Expanding the library’s Data Bank
  • Preparing the library Directory
  • Preparing the library’s monthly News Bulletin