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Office of International Affairs

Department of International Affairs is in charge of harmonizing international activities with prominent multilingual experts in attendance, establishing relations between national and international scholars and with government and non-government organizations and scientific-research centers abroad, establishing international relations either directly or via Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other relevant organizations, preparing suggestions and special reports on the national & international issues relevant to Dialogue Among Civilizations to be submitted to the president, etc.

Inviting international scholars for the purpose of holding scientific lectures, round tables and gatherings as well as coordinating the dispatchment of Iranian scholars are also among the duties of this department.

Office of Public Relations 

The Public Relations department is dedicated to keeping the news channels up to date with the Centre’s latest activities and projects as well supervising the cycle of information inside the Centre. Publishing ICDAC’s news bulletin titled “ Report and Dialogue” and handling routine correspondence are among the duties of this department.

Audio-visual unit is also a part of the Public Relations department.


Spring 2003 

1.       Cooperation with ICDAC Groups in organizing lectures, meetings, and official trips:

  • Reliogion Group: Jewish Fundamentalism and recent developments in Zionism
    (Dr. Navid Kermani - Iranian Professor at Hamburg University)

  • Philosophy Group: Role of Alexandria’s territory in the interaction of intellectual traditions of East and West (Dr. Hossein Kalbasi)

2.       News Coverage of ICDAC Director Dr. Boroojerdi’s meetings and other ICDAC events:

A) ICDAC Director’s meeting with:

  • Belarussian Minister of Culture and the accompanying delegation

  • Dr. Bastegi, Secretary General of Bahrain’s Research Centre

  • Austrian ambassador Mr. Christian Fellner

  • Delegation of the Centre of the National Glories of Russia

  • Syrian Ambassador Mr. Hamed Hassan

  • Georgian Foreign Minister’s Deputy in Cultural Affairs and the accompanying delegation

  • Delegation of German MPs

B) News Coverage of ICDAC events:

  • Lecture entitled “Theory of Confucius to Socialism” by the Chinese ambassador to Tehran Mr. Lio G Tang