Scientific Committees



Director:                    Dr. Mohammad Hassan Zia Tavana
Secretary:                 Morteza Ghoorchi
Coordinator:              Elham Goltar
Asst. Coordinator:     Maryam Oloomi 


  1. To establish a ground for cooperation between the country’s Geographers and the Centre
  2. To define the place of Geography in Dialogue among Civilizations
  3. To initiate ideas and discourses on the philosophical and geopolitical fundamentals of Dialogue for the new geographical thoughts in line with Dialogue among Civilizations
  4. To present the views and promote the theory of Dialogue among Civilizations and Cultures from the standpoint of geography by Iranian and foreign experts and thinkers
  5. To promote fundamental and practical researches on the necessity of diversity and to recognize the concept of Other in order to achieve global peace
  6. To promote scientific exchanges on the Epistemology of the Geographic methodology of dialogue among civilizations and its obstacles at national, regional and international levels
  7. To try to establish an Islamic world geographic union through membership and cooperation with organizations like International Geographic Union (IGU), the Commonwealth Geographic Bureau (CGB) and Arab Geographers’ Union
  8. To cooperate with national and international research and educational institutions such as the Iranian Geographic Association, for the purpose of reflecting the theory of dialogue among civilizations in their educational materials


Scientific Committee’s Guest Member: Prof Ehlers

Political Geography Historical Geography
Cultural Geography Environment & Geography

Political Geography Committee

Dr. Dorreh Mir Heidar, Professor of Political Geography, Tehran University

Dr. Pirooz Mojtahedi (Professor of Geopolitics, London University), Dr. Mohammad Reza Hafeznia (Professor of Geopolitics, Tarbiat Modares University), Dr. Ezzatollah Ezzati (Professor of Geopolitics and Political Geography, Tehran University), Dr. Gholam Hassan Heidari (Professor of Political Geography, Islamic Azad University), Dr. Bahram Amir Ahmadian (Professor of Political Geography, Head of the Geography Group of the project “Great Encyclopedia of Islam”, Secretary of the Iran-Russia Friendship Association), Dr. Zahra Pishgahifard (Professor of Political Geography, Tehran University) 

Cultural Geography Committee

Dr. Siroos Shafaghi, Professor of Urban Geography, University of Isfahan

Dr. Hossein Shokooyee (Professor of Urban Geography and Philosophy of Geography, Tarbiat Modares University), Dr. Mostafa Mo’meni (Professor of Urban Geography and Philosophy of Geography, Shahid Beheshti University), Dr. Asghar Nazarian (Professor of Urban Geography, Tarbiat Modares University), Dr. Ali Modarres (Professor of Cultural Geography, California State University), Dr. Mohammad Hamasi (Professor of Urban Geography and Head of Geography Dept., University of North Dakota), Dr. Kaveh Ehsani (Professor of Cultural Geography, University of Chicago)

Historical Geography Committee 

Dr. Mohammad Hassan Ganji, Professor of Geography (Retired), Tehran University

Dr. Jila Sajjadi, Mr. Alibaba Asgari (Professor of Historical Geography and Cartography), Mr.Gholam Reza Sahab (Professor of Cartography and member of the board of directors of Sahab Institute)

Environment and Geography Committee 

Dr. Hassan Sadoogh, Professor of Natural Geography and Head of the Dept. of Education of Environment, Shahid Beheshti University

Dr. Naser Moharam Nejad (Professor of Environment and Head of the committee for Sustainable Development of the Environmental Protection Organization), Dr. Mohammad Taghi Rahnamayee (Professor of Geography, Tehran University), Dr. Bohlool Alijani (Professor of Natural Geography, Tarbiat Modarres University), Professor Ahmad Dalaki (Professor of Geography, Shahid Beheshti University) 


Ms. Nahid Fallahian (PhD student, Tehran University), Ms. Farzaneh Sasanpoor (PhD student, Tabriz University), Messrs. Reza Tajfar (PhD student, Political Geography, Islamic Azad University), Alireza Mehrabi (PhD student, Political Geography, Tehran University), Ali Akbar Najafi (PhD student, Tehran University), Hossein Tabartei Farahani (PhD student, Tehran University), Nasser Aligholizadeh Firoozjayee (PhD student, Tehran University), Ali Yussefi (MA student, Tarbiat Modarres University) 


Articles to be published in the Geographical Researches Quarterly

  • Cultural Identities and Trends of Globalization (Dr. Dorreh Mir Heidar)

  • Globalization and Localization, Interaction or Confrontation (Dr. Gholam Hassan Heidari)

  • Study of Countries, the First Stage for the Scientific Dialogue among Cultures (Dr. Mohammad Hassan Zia Tavana)

  • Post-Modern Geopolitical Situation (Prof. Otuathil, translated by Dr. Zahra Pishgahi fard)

  • Geography and Dialogue among Civilizations (Dr. Sirus Shafaghi)

  • Political Geography and Its Role in Dialogue among Civilizations (Dr. Pirooz Mojtahedzadeh) – To be published in Message of UNESCO Periodical

  • Globalism and Globalization (Prof. David Harvey, translated by Mr. Yussefi)

  • Geography and Globalism (Prof. Peter Taylor, translated by Dr. Zahra Pishgahifard) 

Articles published or to be published in Dialogue Report Biweekly

  • Translation of an article by Edward Said on the September 11th terrorist attacks (Mr. Yusefi)

  • Map in Cultural Interactions (Dr. Mohammad Hassan Ganji)

  • Effectiveness Evaluation of the Paradigm of Dialogue among Civilizations in International Affairs (Dr. Mohammad Reza Hafeznia)

  • Role of Geographers in Diminishing the Ecological Crises and Wars (Kofi Annan’s lecture in American Geographers’ Association - translated by Dr. Bohlool Alijani)

  • Local Horror, Global Response (Position Statement by Prof. David Harvey et al – translated by Dr. Ganji)

  • Geographical Insights of Chardin (Dr. Najafi)

  • Cultural Pluralism and Dynamism of Modern Civilizations (Prof. Paul Claval – translated by Ms. Fatemeh Gavahi and Ms. Raheleh Shahabadi)

Seminars and Conferences

  • Cultural Approach in Geography: Geography as a Basis for Dialogue among Civilizations, organized by ICDAC and Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (May 15-17, 2000)
  •  1st Seminar on the Cultural-Civilizational Relations between Iran & Africa (May 1-2, 2001), with Dr. Mohammad Reza Hafeznia of the Political Geography Committee as the Executive Secretary.
  • International Seminar of Environment, Religion, Culture and Dialogue among Civilizations (18-20 June 2001) with Dr. Hassan Saddoogh of the Geography and Environment Committee as the Executive Secretary.
  • One-day seminar of  “Dialogue among Civilizations – Theory to Realization”, focusing on the outlook of Political Geography (December 26, 2001), presenting the following lectures:
    1) Concept of Dialogue among Civilizations in Today’s World Order (Dr. Dorreh Mir Heidar)
    2) Geopolitical Challenges of Dialogue among Civilizations in the International Affairs (Dr. Hafeznia)
    3) Dialogue among Civilizations and the Dominating Geo-Strategic Concept of the 21st Century (Dr. Ezzatollah Ezzati)
    4) Challenges of Dialogue among Civilizations on a Local Level (Dr. Gholam Hassan Heidari)
  1. Prof. Ehlers of University of Bonn (ex-Secretary General of the International Geography Union) – interviewd by Dr. Tavana

  2. Prof. Bekosch – interviewd by Mr. Ghoorchi

  3. Prof. Paul Claval of the Department of Cultural Geography, University of Sorbonne (retired)  - interviewd by Mr. Ghoorchi

  1. Dr. Pirooz Mojtahedzadeh – Dialogue among Civilizations in the 21st Century’s World Order

  2. Dr. Mohammad Taghi Rahnamayee – Tourism in Cultural Interaction

  3. Prof. Ehlers:
    - Cultural Domains and Geographical Outlooks in Dialogue among Civilizations
    - Islamic East: Presentation and Definition of the Cultural Ambiance in the Geography of West

  4. Dr. Tajfar: Geography of Peace

  5. Dr. Alireza Mehrabi: Role of Geographical Factors in Crisis-Prone Regions

  6. Dr. Najafi: Role of Geographical Factors in the Emergence of Mesopotamian Civilization

  1. Geographical Atlas of Civilizations
  2. Effect of Environmental Conventions on Dialogue among Civilizations
  3. Muslim Geographers’ Congress – An Intra-civilizational Dialogue

“The list is consisted of research projects approved by the Centre’s Scientific Board.”  

PhD & MA Theses
The Department proposes and supports PhD & MA theses material in line with Dialogue among Civilizations.
  • "Proposing a Model for Establishing Dialogue among Ethnicities in Iran from a Geographical Point of View" by Ardalan Hosseini (MA student, Political Geography, Tehran University)  
  • "Globalization and its Impact on the Structural Development of the Metropolis of Tehran" by Ali Yusefi (MA student)
  • "Effects of Iran-West Cultural Exchanges on the Transformation of Cities' Public Places in Iran" by Majid Hashemi (MA student)
  1. The Condition of Post-modernity: David Harvey
  2. Justice, Nature and the Geography of Difference: David Harvey
  3. Modern Historical Geographies: Nigel Thrift
  4. Thinking Space: Mike Crang

"Titles chosen by the Geography Group and proposed to be translated."

International Presence
  • Dr. Zia Tavana: Attended the 29th Congress of World Geographers in Seoul, presented paper entitled “Geography, Peace and Cultural Understanding”

  • Dr. Hafeznia: Attended the Pretoria University’s Conference on “Dialogue among Civilizations, Crossing the Boundaries”, held in South Africa, presented paper entitled “Necessity of Dialogue among Civilizations for the World Peace and Security”

  • Dr. Bahram Amir Ahmadian: Attended the Conference on “Dialogue among Civilizations, Historical Experience and Future Outlook for 21st Century”, presented paper entitled “Cultural Relations of Iran and Russia”

General Activities
  • Providing a definition for Dialogue among Civilizations from a Geographical Point of View
  • Communicating with the President of the International Geography Union, aiming to set up a committee of Geography and Dialogue among Civilizations on the Union’s website
  • Applying for the membership of the Geography Group in the International Geography Union
  • Inviting two Iranian US residents Dr. Ali Modarres, and Dr. Kaveh Ehsani, and Prof. Harvey for cooperation with the Group
  • Communicating with the CIS Geography Office to establish mutual cooperation
  • Proposing subjects for essay-writing courses of students
  • Inviting PhD students of Iranian Universities’ Faculties of Geography to act as advisors to the Centre
  • Following up the decisions made at the joint sessions of the geography Group and the Iran Geography Association with regard to the Muslim Geographers’ Congress – to be held in October 2002.
  • Cooperation with the ICDAC Library in proposing titles to be added to the library’s selection
  • Following up the progress of the project “Geographical Atlas of Civilizations” at the Sahab Institute
  • Meetings with Tehran University’s Geography Institute with regard to publishing a special issue in Geographical Research Magazine entitled “Geography and Dialogue among Civilizations”
  • Holding a ceremony in appreciation of the 2001 World Aerologist Dr. Ganji, and author of the Book of the Year of Universities of Iran Dr. Mir Heidar
  • Cooperation in the publication of “Iran, Villages, Cities, Tribes” by Prof. Ehlers, translated by Dr. Abbas Saeedi.