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Professor Alvin Plantinga to come to Iran for a series of lectures

Alvin Plantinga, prominent american philosopher, is to deliver a series of lectures in Iran at university and research centers for the duration of 8 days, starting from October 19, 2002.  He was viewed as an influential and controversial religious philosopher in the second half of the 20th century and has published over 100 articles and 10 books. 

Plantinga received his Ph.D. from Yale University in 1958 and has been President of the "American Philosophical Association" for years. Born in 1932, he has been awarded many honorary and university degrees. 


Subject of Lectures



1.Warrant and Reformed Epistemology


Iranian Association of Knowledge and Philosphy

2.Against Naturalism


Tarbiat Modarras University

3.Modality and Possible Worlds


Institute for Studies in
Theoretical Physics and Mathematics (IPM)

4.Evolution and Order


Qom University

5.Religious Pluralism


International Centre for Dialogue Among Civilizations(ICDAC)