computer & internet

This department encompasses the two groups of Computer and Website. All computer-related services (hardware & software) are handled by the expert personnel of the Computer team, while the Website team of Centre are in charge of the Centre’s elaborate website.


Director: Zahra Masoumi Hamedani 
BSc, Mathematics and Computer Science
Hardware Administrator: Mohammad Navid Navaz
BS, Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications

The Computer office is in charge of all computer-related services required by different departments of the Centre (software and hardware), including providing new PC sets and upgrading the existing ones, networking services, troubleshooting, etc. 

Aiming to promote the computer literacy of the ICDAC personnel, this office holds courses on computer-related subjects (MS-Word, Internet, Office Automation, Accounting Systems, etc.) for users of different organizational levels. 


Director: Amir Hossein Mehdizadeh
MA, Private Law
Website Administrator Cathy Khalili
BA, English 

Considering the significant role of Internet in today’s communication and information providing, expansion and promotion of ICDAC’s website is among the Centre’s priorities, as a powerful means for establishing world links.

In addition to interesting and useful information on the Centre’s history, structure, objectives and activities, the website contains updated news and events with regard to dialogue among civilizations. A large number of links to Iranian and international organizations provide a useful databank for the site visitors. Official documents, speeches and statements as well as articles on dialogue are also available on the website.

Online introduction of ICDAC publications is another feature of the website. Also, on special occasions, the web team design and launch homepages representing conferences and seminars organized by ICDAC. 

The website was originally launched in English, and Farsi and Arabic pages were added later to facilitate more readers.