ICDAC’s Publishing department’s efforts are directed towards publishing works mostly translated and written at the Centre as well as related works suggested for joint publication with prominent publishers such as Hermes Publishers, Farzan-e-Rooz, Agah, Toos, Sales, etc.

This department is intent on publishing works on dialogue among civilizations and cultures while following a long-term policy in publishing classical-related works.


Director:                     Mohammad Taghi Ghezelsofla 
Deputy Director:          Mahdi Davoodi
Coordinator:                Afsoon Vafadoost



Table of contents
Dialogue Magazine
Socio - Political Periodical Journal 
Vol. 3
(With Support and Cooperation of ICDAC)
On Dialogue of Civilizations
Winter 1999 

Managing Director and Editor in Chief: M. R. Tajik
Editor: M. M. Darbandi

E-Mail: goftman@bic.co.ir

         Table of Contents

  • From Dialectic of Civilizations to Dialogue of Civilizations / Hossein Bashirieh
  • Dialogue Among Civilizations & Information Technology (IT) / M. R. Beikzadeh
  • A philosophical View to the Question of "Dialogue among Civilizations" / Ali Paya
  • Inter-Textual / Inter-Civilizational: A Discussion in Common Geography of Civilizations / Mohammad Reza Tajik
  • Dialogue among Civilizations: Realism New Ontology in International Relations / Amir Mohammad Hadji-Yousefi
  • Dialogue among Civilizations: A Theoretical Framework / Kabak Khabiri
  • An Introduction to Necessities for Entering Dialogue among Civilizations/ Mohsen Khalili
  • A Critical Survey to Dialogue among Civilizations 
  • Discourse / Hossein Deheshyar
  • Theoretical Basis of Dialogue among Civilizations: Comparative Analysis / Hossein Salimi
  • Human Rights & Dialogue among Civilizations / Shahla Safaee
  • Dialogue among Civilizations in the Changing World /
    Ali Asghar Sabbaghpour
  • A Brief Look to Some Philosophical Aspects of Dialogue /
    M. Faridzadeh
  • Dialogue among Civilizations / Abdol Ali Ghavam
  • The Nature and Indicates of Civilizational Dialogue /
    Tooba Kermani
  • Some studies about Dialogue among Civilizations /
    Ali Karimi Melah
  • Why Western Culture is Global? / Morteza Mardiha
  • The Dialogue of Civilizations as an Underdeveloped Concept / Mehrdad Hadji Mir-Arab
  • Dialogue among Civilizations: Real Title for a Historical Fact / Ahmad Nagheebzadeh
  • Dialogue and its Necessities from a Hermenutic Point of View / Mostafa Yunesi
  • Dialogue of Civilizations / Javad Etaat
  • Culture & Civilization / Gholamabas Tavasoli
  • A Sociological Analysis of Dialogue of Civilizations / Masood Chalabi 
  • Dialogue of Civilizations / Saeed Hajarian
  • Dialogue of Civilizations / Zahra Rahnavard
  • Dialogue of Civilizations / Homeira Moshirzadeh
  • Books Review / Alireza Ghazizadeh
  • Culture, Politics and Cultural Identity: International Order in the Post-Cold War Era / M. M. Milani, M. Gibbons Return


Culture & Dialogue

Collection of Articles on Art and Literature 

International Centre for Dialogue Among Civilizations  

Table of Contents

  • Dialogue: Common Language, Common Ideas / Dr. Mohammad Javad Faridzadeh
  • Mavaghef / Mohammad Reza Jouzi
  • Art & Literature of Iran: A Voice among all Voices “Interview” / Hooshang Golshiri
  • The Temple’s Fig Tree “Excerpt from Novel” / Ahmad Mahmood
  • Kaj Kolah Khan and the Gypsy “Excerpt from Long Story” / Ebrahim Yunessi
  • Lesser Resurrection “Excerpt from Novel” / Abu Torab Khosravi
  • Religious and Spiritual Aspects of Islam and Music / Dr. Seyyed Hossein Nasr
  • Brief and Comparative Discussion on Classical Music / Homman As’adi
  • Language, Power, Hostility / Umberto Oko
  • Hafez, Poetry, Commom Voice / Dr. Reza Davari Ardekani
  • On Relationships of the Young, Eyes and Changes / Shervin Vakili
  • Feminism: The Secret behind One Thousand and One Nights / Dr. Jalal Sattari
  • Dialogue among Civilizations and the Necessity of Modernization in the Islamic Art / Dr. Zahra Rahnavard
  • Dialogue of Cultures and Theatrical Traditions / Laleh Taghian
  • Human Civilization would be destitute without us / Aidin Aghdashloo
  • Theatre and the Area of Dialogue / Mohammad Reza Alvand
  • An Introduction to Goethe’s Divan of West and East / Dr. Koorosh Safavi
  • Poetry and Interaction of Civilizations “Interview” / Manoochehr Atashi
  • The Story of a Signature / Yadollah Royaee
  • The Other Name of Hell “Excerpt from a Long Poem” / Shapoor Jourkesh
  • To the Evening Star / William Blake
  • Hunchback in Park / Dillon Thomas
  • Here’s the one who was Othello “Short Story” / Asghar Abdollahi
  • The Rock “Short Story” / Hossein Mortezaeean Abkenar
  • Evening Prayer “Short Story” / Mohammad Bokaee
  • Watch Out “Short Story” / Majeed Gheysari
  • Lieutenant “Short Story” / Kaveh Bahman
  • Rainbow before Dusk “Short Story” / Seyyed Yasser Hashtroodi
  • My Moroccan Style “Interview” / Tahar Ben Jelloun
  • The Ultimate Journey “Short Story” / Nadine Gordimer
  • Descent of Man “Short Story” / T. C. Boyle
  • The Snake “Short Story” / Ervin D. Krause
  • An Analysis on “The Snake” / Norman A. Britin
  • A Look at “Once Upon a Time” by Mohammad Ali Jamalzadeh; A Story of Constitution, Imperialism, Love and Lunacy / Dr. Mohammad Ali Homayoon Katoozian
  • Comparative Literature / Dr. Ahmad Tamimdari
  • A War for Nothing / Alireza Abedi
  • Revising some Metaphors in Shahnameh: “Earth” and “Dust” / Dr. Mahmood Ebadian
  • Book Introduction / Mohammad Ali MirzaeeReturn