The International Centre for Dialogue Among Civilizations and the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology signed a Letter of Understanding in October 2001, following which an office was established within ICDAC to help, support and coordinate all Dialogue-related gatherings, projects and activities of NGOs and Student Bodies that are approved by the said Ministry.

Call for Cooperation

International Centre for Dialogue Among Civilizations, in line with its plans for cultural development, intends to increase its cooperation with NGOs, and take part in carrying out those of their projects that are pertinent to the issue of Dialogue among Civilizations.

All NGOs with Work License or the Letter of Credence issued by the National Youth Organization are required to send in briefs of their relevant projects, along with a copy of the Work License or the Letter of Credence, and the completed Project Description Form (below here) to this Centre to be studied in special committees.

Project Description Form



Project Executor (NGO):
Cultural background


Proposed date for project execution:
(if subject to a particular date)


Pertinence to Dialogue among Civilizations:


Complete project plan is available upon request.
Yes                No 


NGO's Address and Tel:


Executive Project Manager:
Name                           Signature





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