Caracas, November 13-16, 2001


The Latin American and Caribbean Seminar of the Dialogue among Civilizations was held November 13-16, 2001, in Caracas, Venezuela. The objective of the event was to reclaim the cultural diversity of the Latin American and Caribbean Region as a constructive contribution to existing regional challenges and in response to the risks of cultural homogenization that globalization represents, and contribute proactively from the Region to increased dialogue among civilizations at world level, in favor of international peace and co-operation.

The seminar was focused on two main topics:

1)      Examine the cultures and heritage of civilizations of the Region as a “living legacy,” with the capacity to contribute understanding and solutions to meet the challenges now facing the Region, and a more dignified and harmonious relationship with the rest of the world.

2)      Identify contributions in specific areas such as: social and political organization, education, science and technology, economy, agriculture and food, trade, artistic and ethnographic expressions, health, spiritual values, and environmental protection and ecology, the media and situations of conflict, integration and cooperation schemes in the Region, the building of the “culture of peace”, the interrelationship between geography and identity, in order to design models that are more in accord with the identity, resources and needs of the Region. 

The plural, creative and free thinking event which was set in the year of Dialogue among Civilizations was organized and sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela and National Science Museum, attending personalities with recognized intellectual, academic or personal experience from Latin America and the Caribbean, and representatives of international organizations.

Among the participants of the event were President of the UNESCO General Conference Dr. Ahmad Jalali, and President of the international Centre for Dialogue Among Civilizations Dr. Ataollah Mohajerani.

The seminar concluded by a Declaration in support of Dialogue among Civilizations.